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Who we are

Our purpose is to strengthen Brazilian children’s integral education through experiences in reading and playing, transforming families and communities.

Our goal is to be a nationwide reference in educational programs anchored in reading and playing to help fight inequality.

Quem somos

What we believe

DIVERSITY as an ESSENTIAL CONDITION for a space of coexistence and democratic education;
The importance of AUTONOMY and AUTORSHIP in shaping critical and active citizens;
AESTHETICS to arouse a sensitive eye;
Learning becomes something meaningful as a child feels the connection to a WELCOMING and RESPECTFUL environment;
VALUATION and ARTICULATION of partnerships and STRENGTHENING community networks for the implementation of their projects;
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Manifesto Pró Saber SP

We live in an unequal country, but we are driven by the conviction that reading and playing can make children happier in every social context.

We believe stories that are read daily enable children to shape their world making everyday life lighter and happier.

We are confident that a sensitive and caring practice of mediating stories from all over the world fills every childhood with words, poetry, journeys, gathering, amazement, joy and many opportunities!

The world becomes a more humane place as all children, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, culture, faith or origin, are welcomed and appreciated in their diversity and singularity, with the opportunity to play freely.

In our educational practice, we create possibilities for vulnerable children to become the builders of cities or sandcastles, cooks of delicious meals, playing generously with each other within safe places.

We believe that, through reading and playing, all children have the opportunity to develop listening, playing together, understanding the world and, above all, share the joy of good living.


Advisory Board
Claudia de Freitas Vidigal
Eleonora Antici de Souza
Guilherme Amaral Ferraz

Audit Committee
Anna Lúcia Camargos
Marcello de Simone
Renata Biselli

Our Team

Maria Cecilia Lins
Executive Director

Lia Olival
Deputy Director

Márcia Bandeira
Operations Director

Angela Bueno
Project Coordinator

Erika Pavani
Finance and Administrative Coordinator

Talita Cruz
Administrative / Financial

Lucas Rosatelli
Accountability Coordinator

Janiffer Santos
Funding Coordinator

Juliana Mie Kobata
Institutional Development

Bruno Tavares
Communication Coordinator

Maury Medeiros

Márcia Félix
Community Articulator

Amelissa Silva da Conceição
Sarah dos Santos

Heliane Ferreira Ribeiro
Inês Santana Rocha
Marinalva Mendes da Silva Santos
Marlene Lopes da Silva Sousa
Meirejane Rodrigues De Araujo
Sheila Cristina Neves

Fernanda Renner
Pedagogical Coordinator

Lucy Maura Cardoso
Library Coordinator

Ananda Lima
Daniele Alves de Castro
Ivo Duarte
Júlia Karine dos Santos Pereira
Kethully Luanda Silva
Marina de Jesus Argolo

Betânia Soares
Ágata Souza
Ana Vitória Silva
Cristiane Mendes
Danilo Santana
Deblanay Silva
Débora Silva
Jailma Flor da Silva
Karina Alves
Milena Silva
Monica Viegas
Patrícia Mendes
Pró Read & Play

Luana Andrade
Pró Youth and Pró Read & Play in Schools Coordinator

Gabriel da Silva
Luiz Penna
Pró Youth

Amanda Santos
Emilly Cipriano de Brito
Gabriel de Jesus do Monte
Larissa Ayeska
Maryana Oliveira
Pró Read & Play in Schools