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Partners and Supporters

Our network of Partners and Supporters believe in our programs and are committed with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to Transform our World, with focus on goal number 4 (Quality Education) and 10 (Reduced Inequality), in which Pró applies direct effort.

Ana Cláudia Giardini
Anna Luiza Flecha de Lima
Bernardo Guaritá
Claudia Balducci
Heera Daver (Nídia Celeste Horie)
Juliana Borges Galbetti
Maria Victoria Raggio Hime e Eric Hime
Paula Lima
Paula Medeiros
Regina Moraes Abreu
Ricardo Arissa Feltre
Rita Camargo
Ruth de Andrade Reis
Silvia A B Ramos
Thereza Sophia Julia Hantzshel