Pró Read & Play in Schools

This program emerged from our want to share our methodology with other spaces and schools, and to support educational initiatives for children in which daily reading and playing were present. We form young multipliers of our Read & Play methodology and we partner with public schools based in our community.

Pró Ler & Brincar nas Escolas

How does it work?

The youths formed by Pró develop playing and reading activities aimed at Pre-School and Elementary students to be carried out mostly during recess time at public schools. This is how we broaden our work and can have a larger number of children impacted by it.

We work on two different fronts: in partner public schools, where instructors trained by Pró Youth take the methodology of Pró-Saber SP to the public schools of Paraisópolis community, and develop games and reading activities with children, using the Institute’s own materials, during class breaks, in collaboration with the school coordination.


Pró Ler & Brincar nas Escolas

The other front takes place when students from partner schools come for a visit. They are welcome to enjoy all the possibilities we have in our space (sand tank, ping pong and foosball table, doll house, slide, spaces for drawing and painting, court with games, storytelling and the library).

Pró Read & Play in Schools numbers:

860 public school students
impacted daily at class break, Monday to Friday
1.700 children
from public schools impacted since the start of the program.
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