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Throughout our journey, we have been building many different kinds of knowledge. Our entire knowledge is qualified daily with the groups attending our program. That aroused in us a wish of sharing our practices with other educators, reaching a larger number of children, youths and families.

Through this wish, the Pró Education Platform came into existence, as a virtual space to form educators online, free of cost. Now, the platform hosts the Pró Read & Play Everywhere training program.

Pró Read & Play Everywhere

The first training program offered by Pró Education is 100% free, includes Pró Read & Play methodology and has been structured in 11 modules, where we detail what we do and how we do it.

We split the training program into three parts and dubbed it “EPA”, which stands for the words, in Portuguese, for Listening, Practice and Follow-up.

Listening” represents the kick-off of our work, where we listen to each educator’s demands, questions, anxieties and joys.

Then, we have “Practice”, where we share what we do under the methodology created by us.

Finally, we “Follow up” with educators to help them implement the program into each space. We intend to be a reference for other educators, schools and educational institutions.



By exchanging knowledge, we can reach the end of education line, impacting a larger number of children and youths, ensuring them the right to receive quality education.

We believe that a well-trained educator who is supported in their pedagogical practice will be able to make a difference to their students’ learning process.

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