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Pró-Saber SP

Pró-Saber SP Institute is a non-profit civil society organization located in Paraisópolis community in São Paulo, Brazil. The Institute’s mission is to reduce social inequality by guaranteeing the right of every child to Read & Play. 

Founded in 2003, Pró-Saber SP originated from the experience of the homonymous headquarters in Rio de Janeiro created in 1987, which mission is to find, work and disseminate theoretical and practical alternatives to respond to Brazilian educational challenges. 

In São Paulo, the organization was born with the objective of filing the gap of kindergarten education offer in Paraisópolis. At that time, children stayed at home until the age of 7 waiting the minimum age to be admitted at a public school, while middle- and upper-class children attended private school kindergarten. Because of that, these children already had reading and writing skills when they entered elementary school. Many of them were already literate on that point of time.

Currently Pró-Saber SP work follows some propositional axes. One of them is using reading skill beyond simple decoding, that’s it, using it for world interpretation. The second pillar is using play with toys as teaching and sociability tool. And, finally, the encouragement of youth protagonism as a form of social transformation.

Pró-Saber SP agrees with one of Mario Quintana’s verses, in which he says that “democracy is to give everyone the same starting point”. Therefore, in order to reduce opportunities differences, Pró-Saber SP develops its education methodology anchored in the pillars of reading and play.

In order to increase our impact and guarantee the expected result, we develop and train Young Multipliers (Pró Multiply Program) who apply the Read & Play Program to Paraisópolis public schools (Pró Read & Play in the schools Program), train Teachers (Pró Multiply Program) and we provide support and guidance to the students’ families (Pró Families program). In addition to that, in 2019 we opened Pró-Saber SP Library where over 15,000 children’s and youth book titles are available for free for the local community.

Mission, Vision and Values

Pró-Saber SP mission is to reduce social inequality by guaranteeing the right of every child to Read & Play. 

Our dream is to impact 50% of 4 to 8-year-old Paraisópolis community children by 2021!

Our vision is to be a reference in primary education therefore inspiring public programs which contributes to end social inequalities.

We believe in the following values:

  • READING and PLAY are powerful tools to reduce social inequalities;
  • learning becomes meaningful when the child feels connected to a welcoming and respectful environment;
  • VALUATION and ARTICULATION of partnerships and STRENGTHENING of community networks for the implementation of their projects;
  • AUTONOMY and AUTHORITY importance in the development of a critical and active citizen;
  • Aesthetics to arouse a sensitive eye;
  • THE EXPERIENCE OF ENCOUNTERS as a tool capable of promoting the sense of belonging and engagement;

Pró Read & Play Manifest

We are moved by the belief that reading and playing make human beings happier.

We believe that daily stories read make children make up the world in which they live.

We are convinced that this soaks their childhood with words, poetry, travels, encounters, amazement, joys and many opportunities!

The world becomes a more humane place when all children have the opportunity to play freely and safely.

In our educational practice, we create possibilities for children to be city or sandcastles builders, cooks of delicious food, playing generously with each other.

We believe that, through the reading and the playing, children develop listening, playing together, understanding the world and, above all, share the joy of good living.

Our Team

Maria Cecilia Lins – Executive Director
Lia Olival – Deputy Director
Fernanda Renner – Pedagogical Coordinator
Cristiane Mendes – Pedagogical Coordinator and Teacher
Márcia Felix – Community Articulator
Nathalia Gonçalves – Institutional Development
Erika Pavani – Financial Coordinator
Cristiane Mendes – Teacher
Danilo Sarmento – Teacher
Karina Alves – Teacher
Luana Andrade – Teacher
Luiz Felipe Penna – Teacher
Paloma Pereira – Teacher
Patricia Mendes – Teacher
Paulo Gonçalves Sobrinho – Teacher
Betânia Lopes – Secretary
Heliane Ferreira – General Services

Marlene Lopes – General Services
Cristiane Oliveira – Cooking Assistant
Inês Santana Rocha – Support Team
Meirejane Araújo – Support Team
Anna Luiza Jesus dos Santos – Young Multiplier
Gustavo Ferreira Santos – Young Multiplier
Marcos Sousa Santos – Young Multiplier
Samuel de Oliveira Tomaz – Young Multiplier
Jéssica Nascimento – Library Assistant
Matheus Ferreira – Library Assistant
Andressa da Silva Cruz – Library Intern
Gabrielle Rodrigues de Sousa – Library Intern
Gustavo José da Silva – Library Intern
Jackson Lima Silva – Library Intern

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Advisory Board

Advisory Board
Claudia de Freitas Vidigal
Eleonora Antici de Souza
Guilherme Amaral Ferraz
Marcos Bandeira de Mello
Pércio Freire Rodrigues de Souza

Financial Counsel
Augusto Barbosa Estellita Lins
Marcello de Simone
Renata Biselli

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