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Pró Read & Play

The Pro Read & Play Program was developed with the objective of guaranteeing the right to play in childhood, to arouse passion for the reading and to form new readers. In addition to that, we raise awareness and encourage parents and children guardians about the importance of the book in the education and citizen formation of the children.

How does it work?

From Monday to Friday, children from 4 to 8 years old have a safe and ludic space to engage in reading, writing and playing activities at the headquarters of Pró-Saber SP in Paraisópolis. Classes are divided by age group with a responsible educator. Throughout the student year, children go through reading surveys and are followed throughout their development. Activities such as Literary Tea and simultaneous reading are held monthly. Each child has a workload of 600 hours / year.

Pró Read & Play Program numbers:

  • 125 children aged 4 to 8 years attended daily
  • 87% of literate children
  • Over 100 stories read inside the classroom per year
  • Each child borrows 100 books annually
  • 600 hours / annual workload per child

What parents and students say and feel: 

“I like to play superhero. I’ve gotten used to playing a lot here.”

Matheus Ian, Pró Read & Play student

“Julia became more interested in reading. She wants to read everything now. If we go for a walk, she reads the posters on the street, she reads the books she takes home by herself. She developed a lot after she entered here. Even at school the teacher said that she is much better in reading and writing. Her teacher congratulated her since she improved a lot!”

Luzia, Julia Vitória’s mother

Pró Read & Play in the Schools

Over the past 15 years in São Paulo, we have developed a recognized and innovative methodology that encourages daily novel reading and time to play.

The Pró Read & Play in the Schools Program has the objective to broaden our work by ensuring that more public school’ students in the region also have access to activities of reading, writing and playing with toys.

How does it work?

Format 1) In partnership with public schools

Monitors trained by the Pró Multipliers Program take to the public schools of Paraisópolis community the methodology of Pró-Saber SP and develop, with the Institute’s own materials, games and reading activities with the children during class break. All previously aligned with the school’s management team.

Format 2) Schools come to Pró-Saber SP

Another option is to host the public school’ students at Pró-Saber SP institute. The duration of the activities is aligned with the teachers and the children can enjoy all the possibilities we have in our space (sand tank, foosball table, ping pong, dolls house, slide, space for drawing and painting, court with games, storytelling and the library).

Our dream is to inspire public policies with Pró Read & Play methodology.

Program’s participating schools* in 2019:

  • Escola Municipal de Educação Infantil Burle Marx;
  • Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Casarão.

* both in the community of Paraisópolis in São Paulo.

Pró Read & Play in the Schools Program’ numbers:

  • 350 public schools students impacted daily at class break Monday to Friday

What Program’s participants say and feel: 

“Playing is an investment. It is not time spent or lost. The proposal to get inside the school and cause a buzz is the way. Things spread, perhaps slowly, but they DO spread out and one day it will flourish.”

Laura, teacher at EMEF Casarão, partner school

Pró Multiply

The Pró Multiply Program’s objective is to work with high school students and Paraisópolis public school teachers to multiply the impact that the methodologies developed by Pró-Saber SP generates on the children’s education and development.

One of these programs is the Training and Formation of Young Multipliers, which aim is to train young high school students on Pró Read & Play program methodology.

During the course young students learn how to mediate readings for children and plan the activities that will be developed. At the end of the one-year course, they are prepared to be facilitators of reading and play in schools, cultural and recreational spaces and some of them are hired by Pró-Saber SP to execute the Pró Read & Play in the Schools Program.

Check out here a little more about this Program: 

We also have the Playing the Reality band, made up of young people from the community. Its repertoire is made of Brazilian rhythms such as Coco, Maracatu, Frevo and Samba. The band is run by the young people themselves who, in addition to classes with a specialist teacher, get-together on Saturdays for rehearsals. The goal is to stimulate youth protagonism.

The Multiplier Teacher Training Program has the objective to share and deepen the knowledge about the Pró Read & Play Program so that outside teachers can apply it in their schools. We hold 3-hour meetings once a month on Saturdays. In these meetings, our educators and invited professionals dialogue with the teachers about topics such as bonding with the children, games, reading mediation and others.

The pilot project took place in the second half of 2018 and we had the average participation of 30 public school teacher of São Paulo city.

Our dream is that this course would take place twice a year focused on Paraisópolis community educators so that region increasingly assures every child the right to Read & Play.

Pró Multiply Program’ numbers:

  • 40 students at the 2019 Young Multiplier Formation Course
  • 360 hour-workload

What Program’s participants say and feel: 

I really enjoyed the course. It made me get in touch with things I had not done for a long time, such as reading and playing. I used to stay at home all the time and now that I am at Pró I develop these activities. I’m enjoying it so much that I’ll even do the 2nd module.

Gustavo, 15 years old

Pró Family

Families support and guidance is one of the main axes of our work at Pró-Saber SP. Parents or children’s responsible are an extension of them, so our work must be planned and done with the families as well. We believe that taking care of those who care is fundamental for the transformation we wish to promote to happen completely.

For this we offer parents the practical experience of free playing and recurrent reading so that they can support and encourage the continuity of Pró-Saber SP’ activities in their homes, that is, adopting a reading routine and time to play at home, deepening family bonds.

How does it work?

Pró-Saber SP promotes monthly meetings with the families. The agenda of these meetings is diverse: sometimes pedagogical topics, sometimes conversation circle, reading books, storytelling, we encourage them to share their successful experiences and, above all, their difficulties to develop reading routine at home. The team supports and guides these families with education and habit change difficulties.

In this way, a welcoming, listening and respectful environment is developed, and we have over 85% attendance rate on average at the families’ meetings.

In all meetings, whether educational meetings or circles for playing, we start the meeting with a reading made by the group’s educator. Parents and children’s guardians are invited to play on the sports court, because we know that living this playful experience in one’s own body is important to understand that playing is fundamental for the child to develop. We know that many parents haven’t had this experience, so for them to be aware of the importance of these new habits, nothing better than experimenting it with practice!

Pró Family Program Numbers:

  • 120 families impacted monthly
  • Monthly meetings with more than 85% attendance on average

Pró-Saber SP Library

The Pró-Saber SP Library provides a reading, affection (afeto) and living space for all children, youth and adults of Paraisópolis.

How does it work? 

The Library is open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

Book loans are completely free. To do the registration card you don’t need proof of residence or any document copy. Registration is done quickly and without bureaucracy. You just need the desire to read, after all for Pró-Saber SP #everyreadercounts. 

In addition to simplified book lending, the Library has one important differentiator: young people from the community are hired as reading mediators. They recommend books to the public, read books for those present in the space and advise on how the space functions.

Our Library Numbers:

  • 17,400 book loans made in 2018
  • More than 2,500 registered readers in 2019
  • More than 15,000 books available in our collection

Check out how was the Opening event of our new Library:


Over more than 15 years of experience, Pró-Saber SP has developed solid expertise in education and social responsibility related topics. Thus, we develop personalized consulting services for several subjects such as:

  • Educators training;
  • Corporate volunteer Program;
  • Volunteer program for private schools;

Contact us at contato@prosabersp.org.br with your request so that we can talk about how we can add value to your organization. It will be a pleasure to contribute to increase the social impact of your work!

Stories that are Pró

Get to know some life stories impacted by our programs:


“I didn’t read anything before entering here. Since I had more contact with books, I started reading more. I look more for children’s books. I like it better than an adult book.”Matheus, 18


“Pró-Saber SP has changed my life as a person and as a professional.”Luana, 27


“I always liked math. I even wanted to be a chemistry teacher, but I realized that’s not what I want. I like numbers. I chose financial management, because it has many opportunities.”Samuel, 17


“Gabriel could not read. I was three years unemployed and he stayed with me. He entered Pró ‘raw’, because he didn’t go to school and he just knew what I taught him. Here at Pró, he learned to listen and to be more patient. (…) He left here knowing how to read and write, so that the school wanted him to skip one grade!” Betânia, Gabriel’s mother

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