Impact & Transparency

Within the values ​​of Pró-Saber SP, one of the most important is transparency. That’s why we have the joy and commitment to share with you our stories, impact numbers, reports with all activities developed throughout the year and audited financial accounts.

Impact Indicators

We measure our impact through individual assessment interviews and by following the increase of indicators such as: literacy index; student attendance; family attendance at monthly meetings; number of books borrowed from the library; numbers of registered readers and others.

Our goal is to impact 50% of children from 4 to 8 years old in Paraisópolis by 2021. To accomplish this, the Institute operates in a Reading Ecosystem that expands the reading and playing with quality experiences for the children of the community.

In addition to working directly with the children impacted daily (Pró Read & Play Program), we also provide monthly training for families (Pró Family Program), for young students (Pró Multiply Program) to increase the impact of Read & Play Program by offering it on public schools in the community (Pró Read & Play in the Schools Program) and we maintain a children’s library open for free for the entire community: youth and adults.

In the first half of 2019 we have already achieved significant results by impacting 2,162 different people!

Annual Reports

Financial Statements


By-laws Instituto Pro-Saber SP

Regimento Interno

Certificates and Registrations

  • Registration with the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents No. 1164/2006
  • Registration with the Municipal Council of Social Welfare No. 1479/2017
  • Certificate of Registration State Secretariat of Social Development No. 8174/2017
  • State Registration Certificate of Entity No. 0283/2017
  • Certificate of Culture Point by the Ministry of Culture

Awards and Certifications

Semifinalist in 2015 of the Itaú-Unicef ​​Award: Education and Participation.

Contemplated for 6 years by the Employee Indicates program and included in the Social Investment Portfolio in 2019

2018 Winner of Ambev’s VOA Program of NGO management support

Received in 2018 the Donate Seal of Management and Transparency

Awarded by the Ministry of Culture in 2019 for the promotion of cultural activities

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