Stories that are Pró


“I didn’t read anything before entering here. Since I had more contact with books, I started reading more. I look more for children’s books. I like it better than an adult book.”Matheus, 18


“Pró-Saber SP has changed my life as a person and as a professional.”Luana, 27


“I always liked math. I even wanted to be a chemistry teacher, but I realized that’s not what I want. I like numbers. I chose financial management, because it has many opportunities.”Samuel, 17


“Gabriel could not read. I was three years unemployed and he stayed with me. He entered Pró ‘raw’, because he didn’t go to school and he just knew what I taught him. Here at Pró, he learned to listen and to be more patient. (…) He left here knowing how to read and write, so that the school wanted him to skip one grade!” Betânia, Gabriel’s mother


“I see that there is a great effort here so that all children can read and write. There is a great deal of attention to this. When I was little people saw that I had difficulty but did nothing. Here is different. No children are left behind.” Gabriel, a Pró student since 2010 who got a scholarship to study English in Australia!


“He reads a lot. Stays the whole time reading. This after he came here. He loves the library. I wanted so much a place that had this. The school doesn’t teach anymore. They don’t have the patience. It should have a Pró-Saber SP in every neighborhood and books too.”Samuel’s motherRead & Play project


“Pró-Saber SP which was named after Space Our Home was one of the main inspirations for me to be what I am today. I have a bachelor’s degree in education. If I haven’t had the experience I had at Pró-Saber, maybe I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today.” Jennifer, 22 years-old, Pró-Saber SP’ student in 2004


Before Gabriel came to Pró, he was an insecure child, timid, cried for her grandma, hardly speak. Now he is a talkative boy, secure, more independent, autonomous, In the beginning his father and I used to read for him and now he is the one who read to us at home.”Leonardo and Rosilene, Gabriel’s parentRead & Play project


Playing is an investment. It is not time wasted or lost.Sometimes I feel myself empty in the Ensino Fundamental, I feel dragged by bureaucracy, curriculum and everything I need to deal with. It has been amazing to remember of what matters most, of what I have always believed that matters. Thank you so much! Laura, class teacher at a public school Read & Play in the schools project

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