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Reading helps form our character, that’s why the Library is the heart of Pró. It is the source that feeds people with literature, stories, imagination and affection. The phrase “each reader matters” is our team’s daily inspiration, and everyone who works at the most beautiful Library in the world takes it very seriously. Regardless of their age, everyone who enters our space, from infants to grown-ups, is seen as readers, and therefore deserves a special treatment.

Biblioteca PróSaber SP

Every day, books leave the library to be checked out by children enrolled in Pró Read & Play; to be read together with our youths; to be read in our monthly storytelling circles with the families, and to be read by all those children using that space.

They also leave the library to be read to children participating in the “Vagalume” and “Ciranda Literária” projects, that take place once a week.

Welcoming people is our greatest goal, this is why we give them our full attention whenever they came in. It is a space of coexistence, for gathering, resting and for having a quiet time.  It is also a place for discovering new worlds, traveling, imagining and learning to read.

It’s a place for playing chess, drawing and talking to friends. At Pró’s library, we make friends and we make readers, every day. For us, this is priceless.

Biblioteca Pró-Saber

How does it work?

The Library is open Monday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. Book loans are completely free.

To fill in the registration card, a child doesn’t need to come with a guardian, and they are not required to show proof of residence or any document copy. Registration is done quickly and without bureaucracy. All you need is the desire to read, after all for Pró-Saber SP #everyreadermatters.

In addition to simplified book lending, the Library has one important differentiator: young people from the community are hired as reading mediators. They recommend books to the public, read books for those present in the space and advise on how the space functions.

Pró-Saber SP Library Numbers

95.930 books
checked as of 9/30/2022
visitors yearly, as of 9/30/2022
7.025 people
registered as of 09/30/2022
books in the Library collection
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