Pró Read & Play

Read & Play program started in 2016, but our experience with the subject goes back a very long time. We used our knowledge to develop a program in which children have the possibility to achieve literacy in an environment supported by the daily habit of reading and checking out books.

Pró Ler & Brincar

Hand in hand with reading, playing appears as a powerful tool to enhance children’s cultural expression. For us, playing is one of childhood’s foundations. Therefore, it is an object of knowledge and study for us, as well as reading and writing.

Reading books daily, together with checking out books to be read at home, are also important parts of our program. With a book check-out, our program exceeds our physical boundaries and reaches out to the families, offering them the opportunity to discover the pleasure of reading and developing a reading habit.

Such practice builds bonds and affectionate relationships, creating an opportunity for family members to share a moment around a book and everything it has to offer.

Pró Ler & Brincar

How does it work?Our goal is to alphabetize children while they are enrolled in our program, between the ages of 4 and 8.

In our 3-hour daily routine, children play and perform reading and writing activities. That underpins the process of understanding the alphabetic principle.

Pró Read & Play numbers:

150 children
aged 4 to 8 years served daily
of children alphabetized
+ 100 stories
read in class, annually
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