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Outras formas de apoiar


Would you like to contribute to Education in the Paraisópolis community? Join our team as a Pró-Saber SP Volunteer!

Volunteering Areas:

  • Service support (kitchen, cleaning and library)
  • Sustainability support (facilities, bazaar, etc)
  • Institutional Development support

Donating clothes and accessories to our Bazaar

Pró has a permanent bazaar in the Paraisópolis community, where we sell both kids’ and adults’ clothes, toys and games, electronics, kitchenware, bags and accessories.

These products are sold at a symbolic price and the proceeds are used to cover our programs’ maintenance costs.

Would you like to help us? How about gathering the family to clean out the closets? We can pick up the items for you. Just call us at (11) 97834-7164.

Donating books to the Library

You can contribute by donating children’s books, so we can increase our library collection! 

You can either drop the books off at our headquarters or we’ll pick them up at your place. Just give us a call or text us at (11) 97254-6691.

Donating Products or Services

Do you think you could help us in any other ways?

Click here to contact us. Or text us at (11) 95692-2271, if you prefer.