Pro-Saber SP guarantees the right of every child to Read & Play

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We believe that reading, playing and protagonism change the world.

What we do

We develop different projects in the Paraisópolis community in São Paulo, because we believe that #everyreadercounts

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2019 Impacts


children from 4 to 8 years attended daily


students from public schools impacted


hours of Young orientation training


families’ presence


books landed

1st semester of 2019

Stories that are Pró

Get to know some life stories impacted by our programs:


“He reads a lot. Stays the whole time reading. This after he came here. He loves the library. I wanted so much a place that had this. The school doesn’t teach anymore. They don’t have the patience. It should have a Pró-Saber SP in every neighborhood and books too.”Samuel’s motherRead & Play project


“Pró-Saber SP which was named after Space Our Home was one of the main inspirations for me to be what I am today. I have a bachelor’s degree in education. If I haven’t had the experience I had at Pró-Saber, maybe I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today.” Jennifer, 22 years-old, Pró-Saber SP’ student in 2004


Before Gabriel came to Pró, he was an insecure child, timid, cried for her grandma, hardly speak. Now he is a talkative boy, secure, more independent, autonomous, In the beginning his father and I used to read for him and now he is the one who read to us at home.”Leonardo and Rosilene, Gabriel’s parentRead & Play project


Playing is an investment. It is not time wasted or lost.Sometimes I feel myself empty in the Ensino Fundamental, I feel dragged by bureaucracy, curriculum and everything I need to deal with. It has been amazing to remember of what matters most, of what I have always believed that matters. Thank you so much! Laura, class teacher at a public school Read & Play in the schools project

Has happened at Pró

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Investing in children combats MORE the inequality than income distribution politics according the Economy Nobel Prize, Mr. Heckman.

Only HALF of the nine-year-old Brazilian children know how to read

Humble children listen to 4 MILLION words LESS until the age of 4

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