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Pró-Saber SP is an NGO who in partnership with public schools offer comprehensive education for children from the community of Paraisópolis, in the south of São Paulo. On a daily basis the organization receives dozens of children and adolescents ranging from 6 to 17 years who participates in the various workshops and classes. There are activities related to music, literature, dance, games and play, all designed in a way that supports the learning process and amplifies the curriculum together with the active participation of families and the community.


Pró-Saber was founded in 1987, in Rio de Janerio. Our mission is to find, work and disseminate theoretic alternatives and practices that contribute with different and complementary answers to the educational challenges of this country.

The São Paulo branch of Pró-Saber was created in 2003. To host the new headquarter of the organization we chose the community of Paraisópolis, which at the time had a population of 65 000 inhabitants who were deprived of governmental education for smaller children. The children would stay in their homes until the age of 7 waiting to be able to attend public school. Meanwhile, the children from the private schools from the middle and upper classes, with the opportunity to attend kindergarten, were entering in elementary school already well-nourished with learning experiences of reading and writing – many already literate.

In order to minimize these inequalities of opportunities, the proposal of Pró-Saber SP is to provide comprehensive quality education, taking into consideration the multidimensionality of being, physically, cognitively, emotionally, ethically – all in an integrated manner. Within this proposal we offer pedagogues and specialist teachers, who share our democratic and educational values.

Parallel to working with children another key objective we have had from the beginning has been to find and train local teachers in Paraisópolis. This partnership between specialized teachers and local teachers, has enabled an improved planning of the classes.

Our hard work resulted in a nomination as a semi-finalist in the Itaú-Unicef Award: Education and Participation in 2015 and we have been recognized to receive the following titles: Registro nº 1164 no Conselho Municipal de Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente (CMDCA), Certificado de Regularidade Cadastral de Entidades nº 0829/2014 (CRCE), Certificado Municipal de Assistência Social nº 1164/2014 (COMAS) e Certificado de Entidade Promotora de Direitos Humanos nº 531.

Also worth mentioning is that over the years, public interest has been more present in the community of Paraisópolis. Today we have, although still not enough, various public schools aimed at this age group.

Our dream is to be a space of peace and solidarity in this country where the opportunities that are offered to Brazilians are still very unequal.


Enable the human development of each student, making them sensible and capable of transforming their own reality and the world around them.



Pró-Saber SP believes:

  • that learning becomes significant when a child feels connected to an environment of acceptance and respect;
  • in the valuation, articulation and strengthening of partnerships in the local communities for the implementation of our projects;
  • in the importance of autonomy and authorship in the formation of a critical and active citizen;
  • in the beauty of the environment as a tool for better learning;
  • in the enforcement of having ”open doors”, that is, we welcome anyone to our space, at any time, if they are interested in getting to know what we do.



Be a reference point for educational practices.

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