Pro Read and Play

The Pro Read and Play program was created out of a big demand for children to have a safe and fun area where they can play together while taking a great interest in reading. To guarantee their right to play (guaranteed by the ECA and Legal Framework for Early Childhood) we opened a space that is free and open for play, connected with book loan and supported by our facilitators. We recieve children in the age from 4 to 12, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm through registration and authorization.




This program was designed so that the children and their parents can engage in our playful area of colorful toys, costumes, sand pits, construction games and participate in our community library. We truly value the free time to play as we understand that this is when children reframe the world they live in. When they passionately explore the space, climbing trees, building little houses, making foods for their toy babies and building incredible fantasy cities. Every day, at the end of every period the children are invited to participate in storytelling and borrow books in the library.


The waiting list to get into the program becomes longer and longer every day. When talking to families they have told us that they choose to come to Pró-Saber SP because their children and grandchildren are not playing with anyone but instead, spend the afternoon sleeping or watching TV. Families have also told us that since their children have started to attend the program, they have been telling the stories from the books they have chosen to take home. In this community with few safe spaces, we want to make sure that the children won’t go without playing and listening to deligthful stories.


Maria Cecília Lins