Integrating Knowledge

In the Legal Framework of Children and Adolescents (ECA), article 53 reads: ”Children and adolescents have the right to education and the full development of their own person”.


In order to guarantee that fundamental right, we are developing the program Integrating knowledge, always implemented in partnership with a public school from the community, promoting full-time quality education. For one year, children from the age of 5-8 participate in the program from Monday to Friday during the morning hours. During this period, all of them will be given breakfast, lunch and dinner. The program takes into consideration the multidimensionality of a human being – psychical, rational, emotional and ethical – all in an integrated way.


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The relationship with the community and families of our students is a crucial pillar in our work. We frequently have meetings – individually and in groups – with parents and guardians, activities involving parents and children and home visits payed by the teachers. We seek to offer different projects that illuminate the possibilities of a better future for every single student. Our team is trained weekly in pedagogical coordination in order to maintain our systematic methodology.


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Pillars in our methodology:

1- Circle talks
2- Deep dive into the environment of literacy
3- Workshops in games and play, music, mathematical games and art
4- Valuation of imagination and play
5- Partnership with the public school and the families

In 2015, the program Integrating knowledge was a nominated semi-finalist for the Itaú-UNICEF award.

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