A Space for Social Protagonism

The space for social protagonism integrates workshops aimed at youth empowerment and training for community action. In the afternoons from Monday to Friday, we receive teenagers from the age of 12 to 18 years who participate in project development workshops, school tutoring, recreational activates and music.


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We have developed the following projects within the program for Social Protagonism.



A group of teenagers who carries out research to map out the needs of the community and then plan interventions accordingly.


Entrelaços (in partnership with the Vera Cruz school)

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Entrelaços is developed in partnership with students from the school of Vera Cruz. The teenagers participate in integration activities and plan projects together, such as interventions in nursing homes and cultural tours.


Student Government


In partnership with public schools, we help students who participates in the Student Government to plan and execute projects within the school.


The band Tocando a Real


Rhythms like maracatu, coco, ciranda and samba reggare makes up the repertoire in the classes of percussion. In 2012 some of the students started the band Tocanda a Real, which has performed at various locations in and outside of the community.



Inspired by the stories of “Sopa de Pedra” and “Biscoito Escrevido” the culinary workshop Flavours and Knowledge was created. The purpose is to unite reading and writing in the art of making the dishes. In this workshop the students come together with their parents and families and develop their personal relationship with the preparation of food.


The movies at Pró-Saber

Movie sessions with popcorn that ends with a conversation on the topic in question, facilitated by the teachers.

Cultural Dialoguess


Every month we receive a guest who tells the teenagers a little bit of their personal story in order to promote inspiration and engaged conversation. Visiting us, we have had the writers Antonio Prata and Esmeralda, social entrepreneur Eduardo Lyra, journalist Bruno Favoretto and the gymnast Daiane dos Santos to mention a few.