A gift that makes sense

In place of a common gift, a gift.
It works like this: you buy a FeliciCard and the gift receives a message, telling the novelty.
Then, it is he who comes to the site to choose the institution that will benefit from his gift.
Everyone is happy: you, who wins the FeliciCard and all the people the two helped!
t is an opportunity both to involve more and more people in a social action.



For the city of São Paulo, we are a lot more than just a social project, we are safe haven for every student that comes to
us. We need your help.

If preferred, collaborate by depositing in our bank account.

Razão Social: Instituto Pro-Saber-SP

CNPJ: 27.320.967/0001-07

Banco Itaú

Agência: 9337

Conta Corrente: 11661-1

Get in contact to find other ways to help us.