For the city of São Paulo, we are a lot more than just a social project, we are safe haven for every student that comes to us. We need your help.

School Material for 3 children

R$ 50

4 new books for the Library

R$ 100

Food for 5 children (breakfast, snack, lunch)

R$ 200

Cultrual day trip for 20 children

R$ 350


Education from 9am to 2.30pm for one child

R$ 600

Choose the period when you can help

Choose a value for your donation

If preferred, collaborate by depositing in our bank account.

Razão Social: Instituto Pro-Saber-SP
CNPJ: 27.320.967/0001-07
Banco Itaú
Agência: 9337
Conta Corrente: 11661-1


Get in contact to find other ways to help us.